Venice 2022 Recordings

Sample of Privacy Symposium 2022 Sessions

( Click on each link to see the video )

>> Welcome Session and Opening Remarks​
>> Outlook on Data Protection Evolution across the World (beyond the European Union)
>> Data Sovereignty in Open Societies
>> Cross-border Data Transfer and Access
>> Future of Data Privacy and Trade Relations
>> International Cooperation Towards Global Privacy Norms for Cross-border Data Transfer Interoperability
>> Keynote on Privacy and Fundamental Rights
>> Panel on International Cooperation Perspectives and Challenges
>> Continuous Trust and Data Protection from Cloud to Edge
>> Keynote on Privacy by Design
>> Towards a meaningful interplay between AIA and GDPR
>> Making Artificial Intelligence Privacy by Design
>> Privacy in Virtual Reality and Metaverse Spaces
>> International Outlook on Data Protection Certification
>> Keynote on Trust
>> Multiactor Outlook and Perspectives on Data Protection Compliance
>> COVID-19 and Data Protection Lessons Learned
>> Keynote on Data Infrastructure
>> Health Data Spaces Challenges Data Quality and Secondary Use of Medical Data
>> Health and Medical Data User Control and Privacy by Design
>> Keynote Privacy, Trust and Security
>> Cybersecurity and Data Protection in the Global Internet
>> Data Policy Interplay
>> Closing Session Key Take Away from the Conference, Vision and Priorities for the Year to Come
>> Conclusion and main take away
>> Deloitte – AI and Ethics
>> Italian Perspective on Data Protection and Cybersecurity
>> Data Subject Rights in Practice
>> Technology Preparedness in a Hyper-regulated Era
>> Enforcement in Practice
>> Artificial Intelligence in Practice
>> Data Protection by Design in Practice
>> Legitimate Interest in Practice
>> How to Protect Digital Personal Data in the Humanitarian Aid Sector
>> Data Subject Rights with Minors of Age
>> Assessing compliance Europrivacy in Practice
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