Aims and principles

Our Mission is to promote international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing on personal data protection and compliance.

Priority Objectives

Knowledge Sharing

  • Latest evolutions in data protection regulations
  • Latest research and technology developments
  • Socio-economic insight and market needs
  • Dialogue and cooperation

  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue
  • Multi-jurisdictions dialogue and convergence
  • Building a community of professionals
  • Enhancing GDPR Compliance

  • Research and development
  • Legal tech and innovative solutions
  • Concrete initiatives
  • Guiding Principles

    International dialogue and cooperation

    Privacy Symposium aims at promoting international dialogue and cooperation and welcomes participants from all countries.

    Open and respectful debates

    Privacy Symposium provides a neutral forum enabling diverse views to be expressed in an open and respectful manner.

    Creating value for the participants

    Privacy Symposium ambitions to create high value for its participants. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us to enhance the value we can offer you.

    Data Protection by Design

    Privacy Symposium is committed to walk the talk and to adopt a data protection by design approach in its activities. Feel free to contribute with your comments and suggestions to make our conference a model of data protection by design.


    Privacy Symposium's ambition is to invite top experts in data protection to share their knowledge and bring new perspectives. Participants are welcome to suggest names for future editions


    Privacy Symposium has been set up to support the community of data protection professionals. It welcomes all suggestions from its participants to improve the future editions.

    Research and Innovation friendly

    Privacy Symposium considers research and innovations as a key factor of success for data protection. It welcomes researchers, innovators and solutions providers who can bring knowledge and innovative solutions for data protection.

    Addressing the latest developments and the future needs

    Privacy Symposium is interested to address the latest changes in data protection as well as the future challenges, needs and opportunities to support data protection compliance.

    Building an international community of professionals

    Privacy Symposium intends to build an international community of professionals who can learn from and support each other in implementing data protection.

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