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PRIGHTER – for brighter privacy

Prighter enables companies around the world to conduct international business in compliance with multiple data protection regimes. We are a global one-stop-shop for privacy representation and we develop proprietary LegalTech solutions to facilitate our clients’ interactions with data subjects and regulatory authorities. Our products consist of representation services across a range of data protection frameworks and jurisdictions and a SaaS platform to enable data protection compliance.

For our representation service we have offices and partner offices in all major EU Member States as well as in the UK, Switzerland, Turkey and China through which we act as addressee for data subjects and authorities. In each of these jurisdictions our clients can rely both on our knowledge of the local language and cultural setting as well as the expertise of specialised data protection lawyers.

Our scalable SaaS platform allows clients to efficiently manage data subject requests and effectively handle and communicate data breaches. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and developers ensures the constant update of our products according to recent changes in the legislative framework and developments derived by case law.

Ongoing efforts to support data protection and privacy by design

Our service is built on the knowledge and expertise of experienced privacy professionals.  As such, our mission is to be the privacy related face of our clients, who on entering a market, can rely on us to understand the regulatory requirements of the relevant jurisdiction.  We seek to develop and maintain strong channels of communication with the regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which we operate, working alongside them to improve our products through mutual knowledge sharing. We continually listen to feedback from clients to help improve our products and services.  The agile nature of our offering ensures streamlined and effective compliance for our clients allowing them to gain trust with their customer base and improve their internal efficiency. Our team of lawyers also regularly produce educational materials to enable our clients to stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of data privacy. 

From time to time, our clients integrate their product development with the Prighter platform to ensure privacy by design from an early stage in their product lifecycle.

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